Our Web Development Process In 6 Steps

We, of course, think you should know what you're in for if you work with us.  Even though a web project can seem daunting, we try to make you as comfortable as possible knowing our process, and that we actually have a process we follow to execute a successful website launch.  That's why below we give you some detail into our 6 step Web Development Process that we use for all our website builds.

  1. The Interview
  2. The Brief
  3. The Development
  4. The Design
  5. The Testing
  6. The Delivery
360 website solutions web development process

All of these steps play a crucial role in our development process and are vital to a successful website launch.  Our process also allows you, our client to know the steps involved.  We work to keep you abreast of where we are at in the process, so you know what's accomplish and what still needs to get knocked out.  We hope you find this information both helpful and insightful.

The Interview

The interview is really our chance to explain our philosophy, detail how we work, and decide if we are a good fit with you.  We give you the opportunity to tell us about you and your company as well.

We consider then, this initial meeting, our "first date".  This "date" allows us to get to know each other while deciding if we want to move forward or not.  We determine if each other is "marriage material" and if we think we could work well together.

We view our web consulting, development and ongoing care as a very important relationship between us (360 Website Solutions) and you the business owner.  Due to the large and powerful role a website plays in the overall online success of a business, the web developer/business owner relationship is an important one that we do not take lightly. We hope you won't either.

So that's why we use the "dating" and "marriage" analogies which we think work quite well.  We don't and won't get in bed with just anyone.  That's why this interview stage is first, and critical, in our overall process.   (Hopefully you pass the test!)

The Brief

We'll ask the right questions (or try to) to uncover the true issues, needs, and goals of the business and how a new or refreshed website can help satisfy those needs and accomplish the businesses goals.  Some of the questions seem odd or hard to answer but that's sort of the point.  If its not uncomfortable, then we're probably not doing our job right.  The great thing about answering the tough, uncomfortable questions though, is getting the answers that can change everything.  Usually we find the hard to answer questions lead to the most impactful results!

Filling out the Website Worksheet is a very important, necessary, and essential part of "The Brief" step of our web development process.  By filling out our 360 Website Solutions website worksheet you give us a solid and usable base to start our conversation on.

The Development

The next piece of the web development process is "The Development" step. In this part of the process the overall structure, layout and integration with the content management system happens.  This is so to speak the meat and potatoes of the process.

It seems like this is a likely place within the process for a stall.  Content is such a vitally important and foundational part of any web project.  Unfortunately, content becomes, for some people, a giant hurdle to overcome, or at least it seems like it is.  You're probably freaking out about content just reading this section.

Since content, or lack there of, usually brings a project to a halt, we give support and options to assist in making this potential road block (content) a mole hill instead of a mountain.  We all want this project to be a success.  Don't forget, the most important element of your website, after all, is your content.  So don't feel bad if you get writers block, we all do. If you get stuck on content don't hesitate to call us and ask for help.

The Design

This is where we make the project look pretty and shiny.

The fourth step in the web development process is "The Design".  In the design stage we add the colors, fonts, pictures, and videos which give the overall visual appeal to the site. Basically anything associated with the look and feel of the project is part of the design phase.

The Testing

After "The Development" and "The Design" steps we go underground for a little while (not literally) to make sure everything is working properly.  We want to make sure as many wrinkles are ironed out as possible.  While the goal of the testing phase is to find and fix all the uncrossed T's and undotted I's, this doesn't guarantee every tiny bug is caught, even though that's our hope.  At the conclusion of this step in our process we are pretty confident the site won't have any major hiccups.

If we find bugs along the way after the launch, or you do, we will get them resolved as quickly as possible. 

The Delivery

Houston:  We're Go For Launch!

We've finally made it!  All the hard work, late hours, and finishing touches are complete and finally the much anticipated day is here.  Once we've arrived at the final step in our web development process "The Delivery" we are ready to go live and launch the site!  (As long as we have all the content from you, of course, that we need to go live).